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​Stairworks of Boston has been in the stair business building, engineering and handcrafting interior stairs for over 30years.  

In the past 2 years we have expanded our interior wood prefabricated stairs  to also make available steel, aluminum, wrought iron, and glass .  From modern open design to architectural historical reproductions we can work with you, your architect and contractor to provide the stairs you desire.




What are the advantages of Shop-Built Staircases Versus Field-Built Staircases?

In the field, often a finished carpenter is building on rough framing which is just that - rough.  This translates into making a number of compromises that affect the aesthetic appeal, comfort of travel, safety, and the potential result of rejection by the building inspector.

     Further no matter how skilled the carpenter, it is inevitable that after the majority of the moisture leaves the building products, the structure shrinks- showing up as open joints, therefore  creating more work in re-caulking and repainting.

    Shop-built designs allow for tight, precise, and consistent building methods, providing consistency in the riser heights, tread depth, rail height, newel post and baluster locations.  Shop-built eliminates any guess work and challenges that carpenters often face when it comes to rail fittings, especially when dealing with over-the-post systems

Rethink your Stairbuilding process

      Please contact us about your staircase during the earlier construction stages of your project.

Stairworks of Boston implements methods used by stair artisians of the 19th century and earlier.  One of these methods is to construct the entire staircase at our state of the art workshop where there are the proper equipment and environment to craft any staircase with quality, consistency, and efficiency.

It is here that the balustrade system is manufactured and /or fit to the staircase for easy future installation.


*Saves time; aids project efficiency and traffic flow

*No unattractive nail holes in skirts, risers, and treads 

*No delay due to incorrect or missing parts

*Built to code, no building inspector hassles

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