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In Design stage...
After consultation...

    Please contact us in your design stage so we can assist in creating the staircase you desire.

This is when the most options will be available to you and Stairworks of Boston's experts can be of the most assistance.

Choose from a large array of stock items, or we can work together to create a totally custom design.

To avoid costly framing alterations contact us so you will not be limited in your options

...a preliminary design is established and a quote will be presented.

After field measuring, final drawings and a contract will be presented for approval.

In the case of curved staircases wall and deck templates as well as location diagrams will be provided.

Before Wall board and plaster...

....your staircase is to be installed.  Once your structure is weather-tight it is safe to install your staircase. 

Installation before wallboard and plaster allowes for positive fastening to the frame.  This eliminates bowed wall studs and future squeaks due to deflection.

For protection from normal construction activity, the staircase remains wrapped in heavy construction poly with tread-guards

All balustrade components are packaged and should be stored in a safe dry place such as the attic.  When wall board or plaster is complete and has had sufficient drying time, the balustrade system is to be installed.

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